Picking a Route

I get bored quickly. I attempt to find new route every time to keep the running experience fresh every time — my greatest fear is that my enthusiasm would be burnt out by boredom so that I cannot run persistently.

Finding new route every time presents a real challenge and there are many lessons learned. Sometimes the roads would not be runnable — some roads are badly maintained or unpaved, some roads are too busy with pedestrians or vehicular traffics, etc. Therefore over time, my experience in the neighborhood helps me crystallized and confined to a few contrasting routes, such that I would manage to maintain a certain degree of freshness without risking safely and compromising pleasance.

One of my current route involved going up and down a few footbridges — some steps and staircases dashing could help build muscles; another one is largely straight and well paved such that I can run at a bit faster pace to train my cardio; the third one is sort-of mixed urban terrain — requiring to go through train tracks, undulating pavements, manageable squatter areas, workshops and even wet market.

Since I am currently running at least 10 km per day, I would make sure each route would pass by some convenient stores just in case I need water so I don’t need to bring anything with me other than some changes.

There are so much to consider and prepare for running. I think by sticking to a few different and well experienced routes, peace of mind could be achieved hence I would have much less hesitation or mental obstacles to keep myself going.


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